Best Xbox Black Friday Deals 2022: Xbox Series X, S and One2022

Best Xbox Black Friday Deals 2022: Xbox Series X, S and One

Are you looking for the best Xbox Black Friday deals for 2022? Look no further than the Microsoft Store. From the newest Xbox Series X to incredible deals on Xbox games and accessories, we’ve got everything you need to make the most of your gaming experience. So check back often, and don’t miss out on the best Black Friday deals on Xbox!

Why Buy Xbox this Black Friday?

If you are a fan o the Xbox console family, then you probably already know what you’ll be spending your money on this coming Black Friday. If you’re still uncertain whether or not to buy a bunch of new Xbox releases to experience all the visual wonders they offer, we have exciting news for you!

With the Xbox Black Friday deals on, you’ll be able to afford the games, consoles, and accessories. Additionally, Black Friday is bound to offer markdowns on the industry’s best gaming headsets and Xbox controllers. You can save a lot of money on Astro, HyperX, Turtle Beach and Razer gaming gear on Black Friday 2022.

Today’s Best Xbox Deals

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Xbox Series X Xbox Series X 18,700 Reviews $499.00
2 Xbox Series S – Fortnite &... Xbox Series S – Fortnite &... 5,408 Reviews $343.95
3 Xbox Series S - Holiday... Xbox Series S - Holiday... No ratings yet $299.99 $239.99
4 Xbox 360 4GB Slim Console -... Xbox 360 4GB Slim Console -... 644 Reviews $217.99
5 Riders Republic Standard... Riders Republic Standard... 81 Reviews $59.99 $53.99
6 Xbox Elite Wireless Controller... Xbox Elite Wireless Controller... 29,480 Reviews $129.99

Today’s Xbox X Deals

The Xbox Series X has a blockier look reminiscent of a small gaming PC built for speed and performance. Other intriguing elements of the system are also present.

Along with brand-new titles like “Halo Infinite” and “CrossfireX,” the Xbox Series X also supports games from earlier iterations of the machine.

The new Xbox wireless controller was made to make playing more comfortable. Additionally, you may utilize it on consoles, computers, and mobile devices.

With this beauty, you won’t run out of space because the Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card offers 1TB of extra game storage while simulating the internal SSD experience.

Microsoft will also produce the Xbox Series S, a condensed system that only supports digital content.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Xbox Series X Xbox Series X 18,700 Reviews $499.00
2 Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB... Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB... No ratings yet $398.80
3 Microsoft Xbox One X 1Tb... Microsoft Xbox One X 1Tb... No ratings yet $599.99
4 Xbox Series X 1TB Black... Xbox Series X 1TB Black... 200 Reviews $559.00 $524.99
5 Next Gen Console Bundle - Xbox... Next Gen Console Bundle - Xbox... 6 Reviews $644.80 $614.98
6 Xbox One X 1tb Robot White... Xbox One X 1tb Robot White... 135 Reviews $379.99

Today’s Xbox S Deals

The Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s entry-level new-generation console and approaches gaming differently from the Xbox Series X.

It is intended to provide the same technological advance as Microsoft’s more powerful technology, including high frame rates, ray tracing, and speedy load times, but at a significantly lesser cost. It necessarily means that it contains a few noticeable compromises.

The Xbox Series S is a digital-only console. However, it has substantially less storage than the Xbox Series X and is primarily designed to play games at 1440p rather than 4K quality.

Several games, including Ori and the Will of the Wisps, are capable of operating at a native 4K resolution. It will upscale to 4K when connected to an Ultra HD display. However, the system is first and foremost made to run games at a lesser resolution.

The Xbox Series X’s 4K HD Blu-Ray drive is also removed from Microsoft’s more cheap Xbox, making it a digital-only device. This alone might be a deal-breaker if you’ve accumulated a sizable collection of physical games over the years because it puts you at the mercy of Microsoft’s store price when purchasing new games.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Xbox Series S - Holiday... Xbox Series S - Holiday... No ratings yet $299.99 $239.99
2 Xbox Series S – Fortnite &... Xbox Series S – Fortnite &... 5,408 Reviews $343.95
3 Microsoft Xbox Series S... Microsoft Xbox Series S... No ratings yet $299.95 $249.99
4 2021 Microsoft Xbox Series S... 2021 Microsoft Xbox Series S... No ratings yet $249.00
5 Microsoft Xbox Series S 512 GB... Microsoft Xbox Series S 512 GB... No ratings yet $349.00
6 Riders Republic Standard... Riders Republic Standard... 81 Reviews $59.99 $53.99

Today’s Xbox One Deals

Xbox One Deals

The original Xbox One is still a powerful device that can play every game on the system and many more from the previous two generations.

Thanks for supporting Backwards Compatibility emulation, even though it lacks the hardware enhancements provided by the later Xbox One S and the Xbox One X (such as support for 4K and HDR).

You should be aware that the Xbox One has been discontinued. Microsoft declared that all Xbox One consoles would no longer be produced in January 2022. Therefore, the Xbox One is still worth purchasing if you don’t mind sticking to older titles because it is currently more affordable than ever.

You may get it on used marketplaces like eBay. However, in 2022 it won’t be worthwhile to purchase this if you want a console that will support new games.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday will occur on November 25, 2022, followed by Cyber Monday on November 28. These two days form part of the biggest sale event of the year, giving you massive discounts on all sorts of tech – including Xbox consoles, games, and accessories.

While the best deals can be found on these two days, it’s worth noting you can find discounts throughout the entirety of November.

Where to Find Xbox this Black Friday?

Where to buy X Box

Numerous online retailers participate in Black Friday, with many selling Xbox games, accessories and even console bundles with great discounts.

We’ll highlight the best deals we find throughout the sales period, but you can also check out the retailers directly to see everything on offer.


  • Amazon: often price matches on controllers, headsets, and more
  • Best Buy: accessory bundle deals often include Game Pass
  • CDKeys: big discounts on a massive range of games
  • Microsoft: All Access purchase options and big accessory savings
  • Newegg: regular bundle deals with free games
  • Walmart: best for third-party budget accessories and cheap games


  • Amazon: regular discounts on games and accessories
  • Argos: best for budget controllers and accessory bundles
  • CDKeys: big savings on old and new games
  • Currys: stock drops regularly include Game Pass bundles
  • Microsoft: regular discounts on controllers and accessories
  • Very: console bundles often stay in stock longer

Tips to get the best Xbox Black Friday deals

Cyber Monday Deals on the Xbox might change quickly, mainly if they apply to the newest games or in-demand accessories. That is why having a strategy before the event pays well. We have been monitoring Black Friday for years, and even though Xbox is still relatively new to the occasion, we have some advice to get you to the checkout safely.

1. Recognize when to buy

Although Xbox Black Friday deals may start to appear as early as October, it may be wise to hold off until at least the beginning of Thanksgiving week. The most significant sales appear at retailers, with Xbox Black Friday typically bringing the biggest deals.

It’s essential to remember that some sales will sell out more quickly, and a lower price is not always guaranteed. We advise getting a solid deal any time in late November if you don’t want to compete for it.

2. Continue on

Once you’ve settled on the excellent price, paying close attention to the remaining weekend deals is worthwhile. If a game or colorway isn’t selling well, retailers may reduce the price even further on Cyber Monday. Keep the packaging from your initial purchase if you negotiate a better price later.

3. Recognize what a good deal is.

It’s time to start tracking the pricing of the items on your shopping list if you already have a few of them. Over the upcoming few months, we advise checking the accessories or games you’re interested in and keeping track of any significant price reductions.

You won’t only be aware of what makes a good deal on the day, either. Some items might even experience record-breaking price drops that make them worthwhile to buy before the Black Friday Xbox sales start.

4. Maintain contact

You may bookmark this page and return on Xbox Black Friday to get a curated list of the finest deals available because we’ll be scooping up all the most excellent Xbox Series X deals right now.


How to Find Best Black Friday Deals?

Bookmark our website for the most recent deals if you hope to save money this Black Friday.

Along with our sister websites, PCGamesN, Pocket Tactics, The Digital Fix, and Wargamer, we will also post our discoveries on social media.

The best Black Friday Xbox discounts are now over, but we’ll keep this guide updated, so check back later. If you haven’t already, remember to sign up for Amazon Prime so you can receive your items even faster.

Watch out for our other guides as well. Our Black Friday deals guide will highlight the top console gaming deals, while PCGamesN will identify the finest PC hardware offers.

Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S: which is best?

X Box Series S vs X

The Xbox Series S is smaller, more portable, and lacks an external disc drive, whereas the Xbox Series X is the big daddy of the Xboxes and includes a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive that can play physical games and movies.

While the Xbox Series S has 512GB SSD, roughly enough capacity for four or five games, the Xbox Series X has 1TB SSD, which translates to nearly 16 games. The Xbox Series X also has faster game rendering.

However, Series X and S are identical in terms of their user interfaces, ability to access apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and ability to play the same games.


We are optimistic that you will be able to find some offers on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this Xbox Black Friday 2022, which will be precisely two years after its release in 2020.

It’s unlikely that the Xbox Series X will see significant price reductions because, like Sony’s PS5, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and frequently sells out almost as soon as it hits the shops.

On the other hand, the smaller, less expensive Xbox Series S is much more widely accessible, so you might get lucky and score a sizable discount. Keep an eye out for Xbox Black Friday deals and locate the most excellent deal for you.

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