Allowing Enterprises to Manage and Mitigate the Risks of BYOD and Protect Corporate Assets from Advanced Cyber Threats

Lacoon Mobile Security provides a mobile threat management platform that allows enterprises to easily manage and mitigate the risks of BYOD and protect their corporate assets from mobile cyber threats such as malicious applications, targeted network attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats. Lacoon not only provides the most comprehensive solution for iOS and Android but also delivers real-time mobile security and intelligence to an organization’s existing security and mobility infrastructures. Its patented technology detects device, application and in-network threats that others will miss and quantifies the risks and vulnerabilities that BYOD exposes to the enterprise. With Lacoon, enterprises can balance the needs of mobile security and protection without impacting end-user experience and privacy.

Lacoon was founded in 2011 by experts from mobile cyber security and defense industries. They saw that mobile devices were being used to access and store more and more personal and corporate information and there was an uptick in attacker activity targeting those devices that posed significant risks to security. Their extensive expertise, which they developed in the field during their service in elite units of the Israeli Defense Forces, gave them a unique perspective on both the dangers of BYOD and corporate mobility trends and the shortcomings of current technologies. They recognized that organizations did not have the tools they needed to effectively protect themselves from the cyber-criminal and espionage activity they were facing.

Where did the name Lacoon come from?

After much discussion, the founders decided on Lacoon — in deference to the Trojan priest, LaocoÖn, who warned his fellow Trojans against the wooden horse presented to the city by the Greeks.

Hopefully, organizations can take a page from history and heed the accurate, real-time risk assessments provided by Lacoon and eliminate the attacks trying to use mobile apps and devices as a way “in” to their environment.

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