What is Jarret Stoll Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Family

Introducing the enigmatic world of ⁢wealth and success, today we delve into the ‌intriguing ⁣financial ⁤story of Jarret⁢ Stoll, ‍a name that resonates strongly within both⁤ the realms of ice hockey and entrepreneurship.

How did Stoll amass⁣ such a fortune‌ and ⁤what hidden treasures​ might our‌ investigation ‌uncover? ⁣Let discover with Lacoon in the article Jarret Stoll Net Worth.

I. Quick Facts

Full ‍Name:Jarret Lee Stoll
Popular ​Name:Jarret Stoll
Birth Date:June 24, 1982
Age:40 years ​old (in 2023)
Parents:Tim Stoll, Sherri Stoll
Siblings:Kelly Stoll, Ashley Wilson
Birth Place:Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada
Marital Status:Married
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Wife/Spouse:Erin Andrews
Net ⁤Worth:$16 million (estimated)
Source of Wealth:Ice ‌Hockey
Height:6 ft​ 1 in (185 cm)
Weight:209 lb (95 kg)

II. What ⁢is Jarret Stoll’s Net Worth‌ and Salary⁤ in 2023?

As​ of 2023, Jarret Stoll has an estimated net worth of $16 million. His net⁤ worth primarily stems from his successful career in‌ ice hockey.

What ⁢is Jarret Stoll's Net Worth and Salary⁤

III. Why is Jarret Stoll Famous?

Jarret Stoll is famous⁣ for his accomplishments as ‌a professional ⁤ice hockey player. ⁢He gained recognition‌ for his time playing in the National Hockey League‌ (NHL), particularly as a ‌member of​ the Los Angeles Kings,‍ where he ‌helped the ⁣team win the‌ Stanley Cup ⁤in 2012 and 2014.

IV. Jarret Stoll ​Biography ⁢Overview

Early ⁢Life

Jarret Stoll was​ born ​on‍ June 24, 1982, in Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada.

His parents are Tim Stoll and Sherri Stoll.


Details about Jarret ⁤Stoll’s education are currently unavailable.

Career and Awards

Stoll began his hockey journey playing in the Western Hockey League (WHL) for the Kootenay Ice from 1997 to 2000.

He quickly made a name for himself as a reliable player, displaying strong offensive skills and a competitive edge. In his final season with the Kootenay Ice, Stoll recorded an impressive 148 points in 72 games.

In 2000, Stoll was drafted by the Calgary Flames in the second round, 46th overall. He spent three seasons playing in the Flames’ minor league system before making his NHL debut in the 2002-2003 season. Stoll’s time with the Flames was limited, as he was traded to the Edmonton Oilers in 2008.

Stoll’s career reached its peak during his time with the Edmonton Oilers, where he established himself as a valuable asset to the team.

Jarret Stoll Career and Awards

Known for his strong leadership skills and faceoff expertise, Stoll became a crucial player for the Oilers, helping them reach the Stanley Cup Finals in the 2005-2006 season. Although the Oilers fell short in the Finals, Stoll’s performance earned him recognition as a high-profile player in the league.

In addition to his success with the Oilers, Stoll also played for the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers later in his career.

He joined the Los Angeles Kings in 2008 and played a significant role in their journey to winning the Stanley Cup in 2012 and 2014. Stoll’s tenacity, defensive abilities, and excellent penalty killing contributed greatly to the Kings’ success during those years.

Throughout his career, Stoll earned various personal accolades and awards. He was a consistent top-performing faceoff specialist, with a career faceoff win percentage of over 55%.
Unfortunately, Stoll’s career was interrupted by legal troubles in 2015, and he ultimately retired from professional hockey in 2016.

Despite the unfortunate end to his playing career, Jarret Stoll will be remembered as a talented and respected player who made significant contributions to the teams he played for.

Personal Life

Jarret Stoll is ⁢married ‍to sportscaster Erin Andrews.


Once he said “Hockey ⁢taught me everything I know.” ⁣- Jarret Stoll

Social Media Accounts

V. FAQs about Jarret Stoll

1. ⁤What is Jarret Stoll’s birthdate?

Jarret Stoll⁢ was born on​ June‌ 24, 1982.

2.⁢ How ⁤many Stanley Cups did Jarret Stoll win?

Jarret ​Stoll​ won ⁢the Stanley Cup⁢ twice, ‍with the Los Angeles Kings in 2012 and 2014.

3.‌ What‌ is Jarret​ Stoll’s height and ⁤weight?

Jarret ⁤Stoll stands at 6 feet ⁤1 inch (185​ cm) tall and weighs 209 pounds (95 ​kg).

4. Is Jarret Stoll​ active on ⁤social⁤ media?

Jarret Stoll ‌is active​ on ‍Instagram and Twitter. He has 120k followers‌ on Instagram and 80k ⁤followers on Twitter.

5. Who is Jarret Stoll married to?

Jarret Stoll is married to sportscaster Erin Andrews.

To Conclude

Jarret Stoll net worth stands at⁣ an impressive⁢ $16 million. As a talented hockey⁤ player⁣ and‌ a⁢ savvy businessman, he has built an empire⁢ that reflects his⁢ dedication, skill,⁣ and⁣ shrewdness.

With his ⁤successful⁤ career​ on and off the​ ice, ⁣Stoll’s financial success is a testament to⁢ his hard work and ‍strategic mindset.


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