What is Kevin Lowe Net Worth 2023: Facts, Bio, Career, Personal Life

Hey everyone,‍ curious about ‍how much dough one of hockey’s ⁣biggest legends, Kevin Lowe, has in​ his ⁣bank account?⁢

Well, ‍you’re in luck! In this ‌article, Lacoon is ‌going to ⁤dive into Kevin‌ Lowe net​ worth​ and find out just how‍ much this amazing player has stacked up over the⁣ years. ​So, ‌ready to ‍guess: ‍is Kevin ⁢Lowe‍ a millionaire?

I. Quick Facts

Full Name:Kevin Hugh Lowe
Popular Name:Kevin Lowe
Birth Date:April ⁤15, 1959
Parents:Joe Lowe and ​Edith‌ Lowe
Siblings:John‍ Lowe
Birth ‌Place:Lachute, ⁣Quebec, Canada
Education:University ⁤of New⁣ Brunswick
Marital Status:Married
Sexual‌ Orientation:Straight
Wife/Spouse:Georgina Lowe
Children:Keegan Lowe, Kyle Lowe, Kayla Lowe
Dating:Not Applicable
Net Worth:$25 million
Source ​of Wealth:Hockey Player, Coach, and Executive
Height:6 feet 2 ‌inches
Weight:200 lbs

II.⁢ What ‌is Kevin Lowe’s Net Worth and ⁣Salary⁢ in 2023?

In 2023, Kevin Lowe’s net worth ⁣is estimated ‌to be around $25‌ million. As a former‌ professional ​hockey player, coach,⁣ and​ executive,‍ Lowe has had⁣ a‍ successful career in the sports industry, which‍ has significantly contributed⁤ to⁢ his wealth.

Throughout his career,​ he has earned‌ substantial ‍salaries, endorsements, and investments, allowing him to build a​ substantial financial portfolio.

What is Kevin Lowe's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

III. ‌Why is ⁣Kevin Lowe​ Famous?

Kevin‍ Lowe is primarily ⁤famous‌ for⁢ his accomplishments⁤ in⁤ the⁣ world of‌ ice‍ hockey. As a player, he had a successful⁢ career ‍with ‍the Edmonton Oilers and the New York‍ Rangers in the National⁤ Hockey‌ League (NHL).

Lowe was‍ an integral part of ‍the Edmonton ⁤Oilers’ dynasty in the 1980s, winning multiple⁤ Stanley⁣ Cup ‍championships. ‍After retiring as a player,⁢ he⁣ transitioned into coaching and later became ⁤an executive in the‍ NHL.

His contributions to the‌ sport ​as both a player and an executive have solidified⁣ his status as a prominent figure in the hockey⁣ community.

IV. Kevin Lowe Biography ‌Overview

Early Life

Kevin Hugh Lowe​ was ​born on April ⁣15,‌ 1959, in Lachute, Quebec, Canada. He ⁣grew up in a supportive ⁢family, with his⁤ parents ⁣Joe and Edith Lowe, and his younger⁢ brother John Lowe.

From​ a young⁢ age, ‍Lowe displayed ‍a passion for hockey and dedicated himself to honing his skills on the ⁣ice.


After completing high school, Lowe pursued a degree in business administration from the University of New⁢ Brunswick. While studying, he ‌continued to play ⁤hockey at a collegiate level and⁤ was ⁢a standout player for the⁢ university’s ⁢team.

Career and​ Awards

Lowe’s​ professional hockey career took off when he was drafted by the Edmonton ​Oilers in⁤ the⁤ 1979 NHL Entry Draft. ‌

He became an integral ⁢part of the Oilers’ ​success in ⁤the ​1980s, winning five ​Stanley Cup championships⁢ with the​ team. His​ strong defensive skills ⁤and leadership abilities earned‌ him accolades⁣ and⁣ respect​ from ‍both⁣ teammates and⁤ opponents.

After retiring as ‌a player, ⁤Lowe transitioned into ‍coaching, starting ⁣as an ​assistant coach for the ‌Oilers‍ and eventually becoming their head coach in 1999.

What is Kevin Lowe Career and Awards

He later moved into management‌ and became the President of Hockey Operations for‍ the Oilers. Throughout his career, Lowe‌ has ‌been recognized for his contributions, receiving awards such⁣ as the King‍ Clancy ‍Memorial Trophy​ and induction ‍into ​the ​Hockey Hall of Fame.

Personal ⁤Life

Kevin Lowe is married to Georgina ​Lowe, and they ‌have three children together: Keegan Lowe, Kyle ‌Lowe,⁤ and Kayla⁢ Lowe. ⁤The family resides ‌in⁢ a comfortable home‍ in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.‍ Off⁢ the ⁤ice, Lowe is known for⁣ his ​charitable work ‍and involvement⁤ in the community.

He ‌has been actively ⁣engaged in ⁢various ​initiatives aimed at⁣ supporting ‍youth development ‌and promoting the⁢ growth of hockey‍ at grassroots levels.

“Hockey ⁣is⁣ more ​than just a game. It has​ the ⁢power to ⁣shape lives and bring communities⁣ together in ways‍ words cannot describe.” – Kevin Lowe

Social Media Accounts

Stay connected with Kevin ‌Lowe through his social media accounts:

  • Instagram: @officialkevinlowe
  • Twitter:​ @realkevinlowe
  • YouTube: Kevin Lowe Official
  • LinkedIn: Kevin Lowe
  • Pinterest: Kevin ⁢Lowe

V. FAQs about ⁢Kevin Lowe

Q:‍ What teams‌ did Kevin ​Lowe play ​for‍ during⁣ his NHL career?

A: ⁣Kevin Lowe ⁤played for the Edmonton Oilers and the New York Rangers during his ⁤NHL career.

Q:⁣ How many Stanley Cups did Kevin Lowe win?

A: Kevin Lowe won ⁣a total of six Stanley Cups, five with ⁣the Edmonton ​Oilers and one with the New York Rangers.

Q: When was Kevin ‍Lowe inducted into ‍the‍ Hockey Hall⁤ of Fame?

A: Kevin ⁢Lowe was​ inducted into the Hockey ‍Hall‌ of Fame ⁢in ⁤2020.

Q:⁣ What is Kevin‍ Lowe’s⁤ current‍ role with the Edmonton ⁤Oilers?

A: ⁣Kevin Lowe currently serves‌ as the Vice Chair of​ the Edmonton Oilers Entertainment Group.

Q:⁣ Has Kevin⁤ Lowe received any awards for his contributions to the ​community?

A: Yes, Kevin Lowe received the King Clancy Memorial Trophy ​in 1990, which is awarded to ‌the player​ who demonstrates leadership‌ qualities both on ‍and ‌off the ice, as⁤ well as making humanitarian⁣ contributions to their community.

The Conclusion

So that’s it folks, the ⁤low down on Kevin Lowe’s ⁣net worth! ⁣With an impressive $25 million ⁣in ⁤his ‍pocket, it’s safe to say that ⁤this⁢ hockey ​legend has hit the ⁣big leagues in more ways than one. Keep hustling, Kevin!




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