What is Marcandre Fleury Net Worth 2023: Facts, Bio, Career, Personal Life

What is Marcandre Fleury Net Worth 2023: Facts, Bio, Career, Personal Life

Hey ‌hockey fans, have⁤ you ‍ever wondered how much wealth the legendary goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury has amassed over the course of⁢ his career?

Well, get ⁣ready to be amazed because⁣ Marc-Andre Fleury ‍net worth is a​ whopping $45 ‍million! But​ how did he rack up⁢ such an impressive fortune? Let’s⁤ dive ​in and find ​out!

I. Quick⁣ Facts

Full NameMarc-Andre Fleury
Popular ​NameFleury
Birth ⁢DateNovember ⁤28, ⁢1984
ParentsAndré ⁣Fleury and ⁢France Fleury
SiblingsMarylène‍ Fleury
Birth​ PlaceSorel, Quebec, Canada
EducationNot available
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseVeronique ‌Larosee-Fleury
ChildrenLily-Ann Fleury, Scarlett‍ Fleury
Net Worth$50 million
Source of‌ WealthIce Hockey
Height6 feet 2⁣ inches
Weight180 ​lb

II. What ​is Marc-Andre Fleury’s Net⁤ Worth and Salary in 2023?

In 2023, Marc-Andre​ Fleury’s net‌ worth ⁣is estimated to be around $50 million. He⁢ has accumulated his wealth through⁣ his successful ice hockey career,​ endorsements, and various investments. Along with his net worth,⁤ Fleury also⁤ earns a substantial salary as a professional hockey ​player.What is Marc-Andre Fleury's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

III. Why is Marc-Andre Fleury Famous?

Marc-Andre Fleury rose to fame as a professional ice ⁣hockey goaltender. He is widely recognized for‍ his⁤ exceptional skills and⁢ achievements in the sport.

Fleury⁣ has ⁣had an illustrious career, playing ⁤for‌ several renowned teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), including the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Vegas Golden Knights. He has garnered a loyal fan​ base and gained immense ⁢popularity due ⁣to his remarkable performances ⁣on the ice.

IV. Marc-Andre Fleury Biography Overview

Early Life

Marc-Andre Fleury was born ‌on November 28,​ 1984, in Sorel, Quebec, Canada. He grew up in⁢ a supportive family, with​ his parents André Fleury and ‍France Fleury, and his​ sister Marylène Fleury.

From a young age, Fleury showed‍ a passion ​for hockey and dedicated himself to honing his goaltending‍ skills.


Information regarding Marc-Andre Fleury’s education⁣ is not available publicly.

Career and Awards

Fleury first gained national attention during his junior career with the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL). He led his team to the QMJHL finals in 2002 and was subsequently drafted first overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

In his rookie season (2003-2004), Fleury made an immediate impact with the Penguins. Although the team failed to make it to the playoffs that year, he showcased his incredible skill, winning his first NHL game against the Detroit Red Wings. This was just the beginning of an illustrious career.

Over the years, Fleury’s outstanding performances earned him multiple awards and achievements. In 2006, he won a silver medal with Team Canada at the Winter Olympics in Turin.

The following year, he helped the Penguins reach the Stanley Cup Finals, although they fell short against the powerhouse Detroit Red Wings.

What is Marc-Andre Fleury Career and Awards

It was not until the 2008-2009 season that Fleury and the Penguins finally lifted the Stanley Cup. He played a pivotal role in the team’s success, particularly in the deciding Game 7 of the Finals against the Red Wings, where he made a series of remarkable saves to secure the championship.

Fleury continued his success in the subsequent years, winning the Stanley Cup with the Penguins again in 2016 and 2017. During the 2017 playoffs, he became the all-time winningest goalie in Penguins history.

In 2017, Fleury was selected by the Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL Expansion Draft. He embraced the challenge of being the face of the new franchise, leading the team to the Stanley Cup Finals in their inaugural season.

Throughout his career, Fleury has received numerous individual accolades, including being selected to the NHL All-Star team multiple times and winning the Vezina Trophy as the league’s best goaltender in 2021. He holds records for most wins in Penguins history and several playoff records.

“Being a⁢ goalie is 75%⁣ mental‌ and 25% physical.” – Marc-Andre Fleury

Personal Life

Marc-Andre‌ Fleury ‌currently resides in Vegas with ​his wife, ​Veronique Larosee-Fleury, whom he married in 2012. They have two daughters together, Lily-Ann and Scarlett.

Fleury is known​ for⁤ his down-to-earth⁣ nature ‌and involvement ‌in various charitable endeavors. Off the ice, he enjoys ‍spending time ⁤with his family and engaging in​ outdoor activities.

Social​ Media Accounts

  • Instagram: @fleury_29
  • Twitter: @MAF29_
  • YouTube: Marc-Andre Fleury
  • LinkedIn: Marc-Andre ⁤Fleury
  • Pinterest:​ Marc-Andre Fleury

V. ⁤FAQs‍ about Marc-Andre Fleury

1. What is ⁣Marc-Andre ⁤Fleury’s‍ career highlight?

One of Marc-Andre⁤ Fleury’s career​ highlights is winning three Stanley Cups‍ with the ‍Pittsburgh Penguins.

2. Has Marc-Andre Fleury ever ⁣represented his national team?

Yes, Marc-Andre Fleury has represented Team Canada in various international tournaments, including the Olympics.

3. ​How tall ‌is Marc-Andre Fleury?

Marc-Andre Fleury stands ‍at ⁢6 feet 2 inches tall.

4. What is Marc-Andre Fleury’s weight?

Marc-Andre Fleury ⁣weighs​ approximately​ 180 pounds.

5. What is⁢ Marc-Andre⁢ Fleury’s future career ‍plans?

As of now, Marc-Andre ‌Fleury has not announced any specific‍ future career plans after his retirement from professional ice⁢ hockey.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, folks!‍ After diving​ into the world of hockey and‍ exploring the incredible career⁣ of ⁤Marc-Andre ⁢Fleury, we can now conclude that his net ⁣worth stands at⁤ a jaw-dropping⁣ $35 million. This goaltender​ has undoubtedly become a legend both on and off​ the‍ ice. Hats ⁤off to you, Fleury!


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