Find Out Who Sponsors Phil Mickelson Now Latest Updates 2023

Find Out: Who Sponsors Phil Mickelson Now? Latest Updates 2023

Phil Mickelson, who has won six major golf tournaments. He has been in some trouble, which has caused him to lose several big endorsements. 

Mickelson has lost the backing of major companies like Callaway, Workday, KPMG, and Heineken/Amstel after making and saying things that were not smart.

In this article, Lacoon will explore the details of these severed relationships, as well as who sponsors Phil Mickelson now and future prospects.

The End of Major Sponsorships


Phil Mickelson has been working with Callaway since 2004, and the company had planned to work with him for the rest of his playing career.

But because of what has happened recently, Callaway and Mickelson have chosen to stop working together.

Golf Channel was the first to report Callaway’s decision, and the company later put out a statement recognizing Mickelson’s explanation and showing respect for his choice to take some time off from golf.


Another company that sponsored Phil Mickelson was called Workday. They decided not to work with him anymore, and they both agreed it was the best thing to do.

Workday said thank you to Mickelson for all the good things he did as their ambassador, and they wished him and his family the best.


The End of Major Sponsorships

KPMG was another company that helped Phil Mickelson a lot with money for a long time. But when Mickelson said some bad things, KPMG decided they didn’t want to work with him anymore.

They both agreed to stop working together right away. KPMG said they hope Mickelson does well in the future.


Heineken, the parent company of Amstel, also confirmed the termination of their partnership with Phil Mickelson. A spokesperson for the company stated that they had decided to go separate ways, wishing him all the best in the future.

Who Sponsors Phil Mickelson? Current Sponsorships and New Ventures

Who Sponsors Phil Mickelson? Current Sponsorships and New Ventures

Even though Mickelson has lost more than one backer, he still has some. He has even taken things into his own hands by wearing clothes that say “For Wellness.”

The fact that the brand sells coffee and golf gear shows that Mickelson is taking the first steps toward regaining his good name.

Mickelson recently made a deal, said to be worth around $200 million, to leave the PGA Tour and join the LIV Tour, where he will play golf with Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and others.

Most LIV Tour players still wear branded gear like Johnson’s TaylorMade hat and Adidas shirt, even though he seems to be in the minority right now.

The Suspension of LIV Tour Players

Because Mickelson and other LIV Tour players got into trouble, the PGA Tour said that they would all be banned from playing.

Even though this is a big setback for Mickelson and his fellow players, it also gives them a chance to think about what they did wrong and make up for it.

The Road Ahead for Phil Mickelson

The Road Ahead for Phil Mickelson

The loss of multiple sponsorships has hurt Mickelson’s business and reputation, but it has also forced him to change and find new ways to do things.

Mickelson has shown that he wants to rebuild his image and keep playing the sport he loves by starting his own brand, “For Wellness,” and joining the LIV Tour.

It won’t be easy for Phil Mickelson to make things better. He will have to work hard to make fans, other golfers, and new sponsors trust him again.

Mickelson said he wants to be a better person and put his family first, which is a good start. But he needs to show he’s serious about changing, not just talk about it.

One way for Mickelson to start fixing his image is by doing good things for the community. He can help young athletes who don’t have much money, get more people excited about golf, or talk about important issues. If he shows he’s really trying to be better, people might start to trust him again.

Mickelson should also be honest and take responsibility for his actions. If he’s honest about what he’s doing, especially when it comes to sponsorships and partnerships, people will believe him more.

If he shows that he learned from his mistakes, he might have a better chance of getting another chance.

Mickelson will also need to pay attention to how he does on the golf course. Rebuilding his reputation and getting new backers will depend on how well he keeps doing well and how committed he is to the sport.

Mickelson has the chance to show off his skills and prove that, despite recent setbacks, he is still a strong opponent as he starts the LIV Tour.


Phil Mickelson faced some challenges with his career and how people see him because he lost some important sponsors and got involved in a bad situation.

But, these problems also gave him a chance to learn from his mistakes, make things right, and start fresh in the world of golf.

Mickelson can try to get back the trust and support of his fans, other golfers, and new sponsors by focusing on growing, helping the community, being honest, and showing that he still loves golf.

It won’t be easy, but if he keeps going and really wants to change, he could become stronger and tougher than ever before.

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