Who Did Paul Date After Micah - 'Love Is Blind' Cast Dated Another Cast 2023 Overview, Interview

Who Did Paul Date After Micah – ‘Love Is Blind’ Cast Dated Another Cast 2023: Overview, Interview

If you’re anything like us, you’re still reeling from the drama of Love Is Blind’s fourth season finale. And one of the biggest questions on our minds is: Who did Paul date after Micah? Well, buckle up, folks, because we’ve got all the juicy details!

Who Did Paul Date After Micah

Who did Paul date after Micah

After breaking things off with Micah, Paul revealed in an exclusive interview with E! News that he had an “insane connection” with another Love Is Blind cast member: Wendi Kong. Yes, girl! The 29-year-old aerospace engineer from Seattle didn’t receive much airtime on the show, but that didn’t stop Paul from getting to know her.

While they were never exclusive, Paul and Wendi went on dates, and let’s just say, it was definitely a case of “opposites attract.” Wait, scratch that, they were actually too similar! “It’s almost too much,” Paul told E! News’ Erin Lim Rhodes. “I like myself, but I don’t know if I like myself that much that I want to marry myself. We were really similar.”

But wait, there’s more! Wendi actually got engaged during filming to a guy named Jimmy Forde. They got engaged in the pods, but things fizzled out after three months together, according to Netflix’s Tudum website. And after their split, Paul and Wendi gave dating a shot. Unfortunately, they just weren’t meant to be.

But don’t worry, things aren’t all bad for Paul. He did have a cordial moment with another Love Is Blind cast member, Amber Wilder. “We had a no hard feelings kind of thing and an acknowledgment of the connection that we had that was real,” Paul spilled. “But we didn’t date or anything like that.”

So there you have it, folks! While Paul may not have found love after Love Is Blind, he did get to know some pretty amazing women. And who knows, maybe he’ll give love another chance in the future. In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep watching Love Is Blind and living vicariously through the cast members.

What Do We Know about Wendi Kong?

What Do We Know about Wendi Kong

Wendi Kong may not have received much airtime on Love Is Blind, but she certainly caught the attention of Paul Peden, who revealed in an exclusive interview with E! News that he had an “insane connection” with her. So, what do we know about this mysterious aerospace engineer from Seattle?

First off, we know that Wendi is a total badass. As an aerospace engineer, she’s clearly got brains and a passion for science and technology. Plus, she’s not afraid to take risks, as evidenced by her decision to participate in Love Is Blind and get engaged to Jimmy Forde in the pods.

Despite not making it to the final cut of Love Is Blind, Wendi seems to have made a lasting impression on Paul. He described their connection as “insane,” but ultimately, they were just too similar for things to work out between them. “It’s almost too much,” Paul explained. “We were really similar.”

But Wendi isn’t one to dwell on the past. She’s all about looking forward and chasing her dreams. In fact, she’s currently pursuing a PhD in aerospace engineering at the University of Washington.

According to her LinkedIn profile, her research focuses on the design and optimization of aerospace structures, with an emphasis on lightweight, high-performance materials.

In addition to her impressive career goals, Wendi also has a fun and adventurous side. Her Instagram page is filled with photos of her traveling to new places and trying new things, like skydiving and snowboarding. She clearly loves pushing herself out of her comfort zone and experiencing all that life has to offer.


In conclusion, Paul Peden’s journey on Love Is Blind may not have led him to the altar with Micah Lussier, but it did open up new opportunities for him in the world of dating. After their breakup, Paul connected with Wendi Kong, an aerospace engineer from Seattle who also participated in the show. While Love Is Blind may not have helped Paul find the love of his life, it certainly gave him a unique experience and helped him clarify what he’s looking for in a relationship. We wish him and Wendi all the best in their future endeavors.

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