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Protecting Enterprises from Mobile Attacks

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Risks of the Mobile Enterprise

The convenience and freedom to conduct business anywhere, at any time, with any device, opens up endless possibilities, as well as great risks. Securing all the different devices and applications in your environment is critical to ensuring you can make the most of your mobility.

You need to prevent all the ways an attacker can exploit mobile devices to:


Take over your device’s microphone and camera.

Collect enterprise data

Inlcuding emails, texts and call logs.

Compromise secure containers

Extract application data.

Only with Lacoon’s complete security can you take full advantage of your mobility initiatives to drive your business objectives.

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Demystifying Mobile Security Attacks

Comprehensively Detect and Prevent Advanced, Targeted Mobile Attacks

Lacoon has pioneered a new class of mobile security solutions that enables you to reduce the risks created by the variety of iOS and Android mobile devices in your environment. In the cloud, Lacoon conducts multi-layer risk assessments, identifying suspicious device, app and network activity and eliminating the threat to prevent cyber espionage and data exfiltration.

Unparalleled Attack Detection

Correlates device, application and network activity to give you comprehensive detection capabilities and actionable information on your real-time risks, so you can effectively protect your mobile devices.steal data and get into corporate networks.

Adaptive Mitigation Capabilities

Once detected, Lacoon automatically triggers protection mechanisms on the device - notifying a user of the threat and removing the malware to dynamically activating a VPN - and in the network - blocking traffic or integrating with your MDM to adjust access privileges to stop attacks

Effective Mobile Risk Management

Lacoon offers multiple deployment options that tie into your existing incident response policies and procedures and integrate with MDM and SIEM solutions to strengthen your security and simplify your ongoing operations.
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Lacoon Pioneers a New Class of Mobile Security Solutions: How Lacoon Stacks Up Against Other Offerings


Will perimeter firewalls give way to ‘RASP’?

by / Jun 25, 2014

For about two years Gartner has been tracking RASP server, client and mobile application products originating from vendors that include HP, Prevoty, Shape Security, Waratek, Bluebox and Lacoon Mobile Security. This protection for runtime capabilities, said Feiman, is the “future.”

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In 2014, No Country is Safe from Mobile Threats

by Ohad Bobrov, VP R&D, Lacoon Security / Jul 22, 2014

If you have been reading recent malware studies and articles, you may have noticed that many different different countries have been named as the ones “most targeted” or with the “most new mobile threats”: Great Britain has the highest level of mobile malware “...Russia number one target for global mobile malware ...

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Transform Your Mobile Device Management (MDM) into Dynamic Real-Time Protection

Lacoon adds effective risk mitigation to your mobile device management. Today’s sophisticated attacks take advantage of the static policies and limited visibility of existing mobile management capabilities to evade detection. Adding Lacoon gives attackers no place to hide. Lacoon provides the advanced security capabilities you need to accurately identify and stop mobile threats.
Fully integrates with your MDM solution — for automatic deployment and enrolment for all your users.
Adds advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities — to comprehensively protect your assets from mobile attacks and support your compliance initiatives.
Transforms static MDM policies into adaptive real-time enforcement — to effectively minimize your risks and maximizes the benefits of your mobile initiatives.


Securely Enable Your BYOD and Mobility Initiatives

Lacoon ensures when your employees, vendors, partners, and customers use their mobile phones to do business it is secure. To be competitive in this global economy, you need to support bring your own device (BYOD) and other mobility initiatives, but can’t afford to introduce unnecessary risks. Lacoon gives you the advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities you need to confidently increase your mobility, without fear.

Maximizes the productivity gains of your mobility initiatives, with strong security that does not impact your users’ experience.
Lowers your operational costs through seamless integration with your existing management tools (e.g. MDMs and SIEMs) and easy-to-use dashboards that allow anyone on your IT team to quickly drill into, understand and resolve events.
Supports your security team’s objectives,ensuring you can effectively minimize the risks posed by mobile devices in your environment.
Easy-to-use dashboards that allow anyone on your IT team to quickly drill into, understand and resolve events.
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Lacoon MobileFortress Datasheet


Practical Attacks against MDM Solutions

Michael Shaulov, CTO and co-founder
February 27 2014, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

The talk includes live demos against Android and iOS-based devices and discusses practical mitigation measures to defend against similar mobile threats.

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The Lacoon Difference

With Lacoon, you can have it all. You can confidently roll out your mobility initiatives, knowing you have the security you need to keep your sensitive data and resources safe. Lacoon’s solution, MobileFortress, is architected to deliver comprehensive mobile security, providing you:

MobileFortress enables you to maximize your mobility, while minimizing your risks, without compromise.

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About Lacoon

The researchers at Lacoon Mobile Security apply the latest technologies and algorithms to extract meaningful information from mobile device and application behavior. Their research and findings are incorporated directly within Lacoon MobileFortress to provide detection and prevention of advanced mobile threats.

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How Mobile Malware Bypasses Secure Containers Solutions

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