How To Change Keyboard On Android 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Change Keyboard On Android 2022: Top Full Guide

If you’re tired of your boring old keyboard, follow this guide to learn how to change keyboard on android and get a new, fresh keyboard! Whether you’re looking for a keyboard with more features or one that’s easier to type on, there are a number of keyboard options available for Android. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it.

How to Change the Default Keyboard

How to Change the Default Keyboard

To complete the installation, download an Android keyboard (or more than one) and launch it. Although most apps will guide you through setting up a default keyboard, it is also possible to do it manually.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to tap System > Languages and input. (For Samsung Galaxy smartphones, navigate to Settings > General management > Language & input¬†)

How Do I Change My Keyboard On Android

  • Tap the Virtual keyboard in the Keyboards section. (On Samsung, tap the on-screen keyboard and then tap the default keyboard.
  • Tap Manage keyboards.
  • Toggle the switch beside the keyboard you wish to use. If you wish to quickly switch between keyboards on a Samsung smartphone, toggle the Show Keyboard button.

How to Change Your Keyboard On Android

How to Switch Between Android Keyboards

How to Switch Between Android Keyboards

Android does not limit the number of keyboard apps that can be downloaded by users. It’s possible to switch it if you have multiple ones. You might prefer one for work, another for friends and a third for silly GIFs.

Or maybe you have one in different languages. In some situations, voice typing (or speech to text) might be preferred.

  • Start the app that you wish to use.
  • Tap to open the keyboard
  • Tap the keyboard icon at the bottom right.
  • Select the keyboard from the drop-down menu.
  • These steps can be repeated to switch to a different keyboard.

How to Download a Keyboard

How to Download a Keyboard

  • First, download a new keyboard via the Play Store. Let’s get this done.
  • Open the Google Play Store app on your smartphone.
  • Search for “keyboard”
  • You can choose which keyboard you wish to download (in this case, SwiftKey).
  • Tap Install.Source: Joe Maring/Android Central

Change Keyboard: Samsung

Change Keyboard on Samsung

These steps will change the keyboard on an Android Samsung phone.

Go to the Google Play Store or your preferred app store and download the keyboard that you want to use.

  • From your homepage, go to “Settings“.
  • Choose “General Management
  • Tap “Language & Input.”
  • Click “Onscreen Keyboard” and then “Default Keyboard“.
  • Select the keyboard you downloaded from the list.

Change Keyboard on Android Tablet

Change Keyboard on Android Tablet

You might want to change android keyboard if you use your tablet a lot. Grammarly is a program that many writers use to check their spelling and grammar. This is especially helpful when you are writing while on the move.

Get your keyboard from the Google Play Store or any other app store.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Select “System
  • Select the “Language & Input” option.
  • Select “Virtual Keyboard
  • Select “Gboard” from all the available options.
  • Go to “Preferences“.
  • Choose the keyboard that you have downloaded.
  • Now, activate it on your device.

Change Keyboard: Android Emoji

Change Keyboard: Android Emoji

Use an emoji to express your feelings when words fail. They not only convey emotions better than words but also add to the conversation’s tone. They are also constantly changing and being updated.

You may have noticed an Android feature that is not automatically included in your device, the emoji keyboard. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a message from someone with an iOS device that only shows little squares. It is not possible to use Emojis if your Android version is older than 4.1.

Older Android users don’t have to be forgotten. To access emojis, users can update their system to install a third-party keyboard app. Not to be forgotten is that both Facebook and WhatsApp have their own set of Emoji options.

Androids are now able to use emoji keyboards.

Here are the steps to activate an Emoji keyboard on Android.

  • Go into “Settings.”
  • Choose “Language” and “Input”.
  • If you are given the choice, tap “Pick Keyboard” to access the “Google Keyboard”.
  • Select “Preferences”
  • Turn on the Emoji option.
  • You should see a smiley emoticon next to your spacebar when you return to your keyboard.

You can also download Textra to keep your Android device up-to-date with the latest emojis. This iOS plugin allows users to send emojis as if they were text messages.


How To Change Keyboard On Android - FAQs

1. How can I get my keyboard to work again?

To bring your keyboard back into normal mode, simply press the shift and ctrl keys simultaneously. If you wish to check if it is back to normal, press the quotation mark key. You can try shifting again if it’s still acting up. You should feel back to normal after this process.

2. How can I change the keyboard of my Huawei phone

Click on Settings > System and updates > Languages & input > Other input settings > Physical keyboard, then select a name for the keyboard. To switch it in your chosen language, use the Ctrl+Space shortcut.

3. Where can I find the keyboard settings?

The Settings app holds android keyboard settings. You can access them by tapping on the Language & Input option. This item can be found on some Samsung phones either in the General tab or the Controls tab of the Settings app.

4. How can I change the keyboard on my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone?

  • Change default keyboard
  • To open the Apps tray, swipe up from the Home screen.
  • Tap Settings > General Management > Language and input > The default keyboard
  • Choose the Samsung Keyboard


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to change the keyboard on Android depends on the specific device and version of Android that you are using.

However, some general tips on how to change keyboard Android include downloading a third-party app from the Google Play Store, using the Settings menu to select a different keyboard, or using a shortcut one to access the settings.

Lacoon hopes you found this article useful and let us know if you have any questions!

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