How To Add Rain To Music iOS 15 Best Ultimate Guide For You 2022

How To Add Rain To Music iOS 15? Best Ultimate Guide For You 2022

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If you’re wondering how to add rain to music iOS 15, wonder no more! There are a few different ways to do this, and each has its benefits. This article will show you how to easily add rain to your music to create a relaxing or atmospheric ambiance.

What Does ‘Background Sounds” Mean In iOS 15?

iOS 15 now offers background sounds, which allows you to playback a selection of ambient tracks. The background sounds feature allows iOS to overlay these tracks on your media audio, creating a more immersive and focused experience.

Many people use nature sounds like white noise. You can now overlay any song or podcast with the natural sound you like for an immersive experience.

What background sounds are needed?

This is an iOS 15 feature. Although it works without headphones, you will get the best results if you have them. You will hear all the background noise instead.

This can be distracting and doesn’t allow you to concentrate or feel at peace, like surround yourself with sounds.

What Does 'Background Sounds Mean In iOS 15

How To Add Rain Sounds To Music iOS 15

Use the guide below to add background sounds in iOS for media that will be played on your device in the future.

1. Open the Settings app on Android and click on “Accessibility”

2. Click on “Audio/Visual” now.

3. Tap on “Background Sounds”.

4. Tap and select “Rain”

5. Select ‘Background Sounds’.

6. Now, tap on “Play sample”.

Now you will hear a sample track. To adjust the rain volume relative to your media volume, you can use the slider for “Volume when Media is Playing“.

The slider at the top allows you to adjust the general rain volume.

This will adjust your background sound volume when no media are being played.

Depending on your preference, choose one of these options.

  • Balanced Noise
  • Bright Noise
  • Dark Noise
  • Ocean
  • Rain
  • Stream

After you have selected the desired option, close the Settings app. Your changes will be automatically reflected in media audio played from compatible apps.

How To Add Rain Sounds To Music iOS 15

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How To Stop Rain Sounds On iOS 15 When Locked

Step 1: Once you enable background sounds, your iPhone will stop playing them once it is locked.

Step 2: If you don’t want the background rain sound to continue on your lock screen, disable it.

How To Add Rain Sounds On iOS 15 To Control Centre?

Step 1: Navigate to Control Center under Settings. Scroll down to find a hearing icon.

Step 2: Click this button to add it. You can then enable Rain Sounds in the Control Center.

You can now use it to listen to music, browse the internet, and check your photos.

How To Turn Off Rain Sounds?

You can turn off rain sounds in iOS 15 by clicking on General and Accessibility to Settings.

Scroll down once more to find Hearing or Phone Noise Cancellation. The rain sounds will be turned off by turning the switch off.

How To Use The Back Tap To Control Background Sound

Back Tap is an iOS option that allows you to tap twice or three times on the rear of your iPhone, and it will do something. It won’t, however, do anything about background sounds.

You can also set it to run an Accessibility Shortcut when you back-tap. This shortcut only runs one option.

Scroll down to the bottom of Settings, Accessibility. Tap Accessibility Shortcut, set Background Sounds from the long list.

You will now need to set Up a Back Tap. Scroll down to Back Tap by going to Settings, Accessibility and Touch. To turn it on and specify what you want, tap that.

Tap on Double Tap or Triple Tap to choose the option you prefer. Tap to select Accessibility Shortcut, the second option from the top.

Tap on Back Tap, and you’ll be able to exit it. It’s easy to forget to select another item in the list.

When you double- or triple-tap the back of your iPhone’s screen, background sounds will either start or stop.

Although it sounds more complicated than using Control Center, this is about adapting specific iPhone options to make it happen. You can also adjust them further.

Back Tap allows you to quickly launch certain features on the iPhone. It also lets you run Shortcuts. You can use shortcuts and Back Tap to get you where you need to go quickly.

They also allow you to have as many back taps as you like. Instead of selecting Accessibility Shortcut under the Double or Triple Tap control, choose the name of the Shortcut you have created.

Apple added a Set Background Sound control to Shortcuts. You could create a Shortcut that plays background sounds and turns on Do Not Disturb or Focus Mode.

Although background sounds may seem small in iOS, it is a very useful feature.

Is There A Noise Cancelling App For iPhone?

Is There A Noise Cancelling App For iPhone

Krisp and Denoise are two noise-canceling apps you can use on your iPhone. Denoise removes all background noise. Denoise can remove background noise from any audio or video recording.

Denoise is the best because you can remove background noises that have stayed by accident. The interactive waveform analyzer can be used to do this. The system will eliminate interference if you mark the area.

Krisp, a free tool, removes background noise to give your receiver a clear sound. Krisp can also cancel background noise for up to 2400 minutes per week. You can subscribe to their paid version if you need more time.


FAQs About How To Add Rain To Music iOS 15

What Is Live Listen iOS 15?

Live listening, a new way to enjoy Apple Music, allows listeners to pretend they hear the music live. It only works if you listen to songs with your AirPods.

How Can I Add Rain To Apple Music?

It is simple to turn on the new feature. To turn on the new feature, go to accessibility under settings and scroll down to audio/visual. There are three options for background sounds, including rain, ocean waves, and stream.


Lacoon hope that you found the above guide helpful in using Rain and other sounds for your background in iOS 15. You can ask any questions in the comments section.

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